Saturday, May 23, 2009

foto hot Julia Perez and Gaston Castano di pantai

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Julia Perez and Gaston Castano was not only the withdrawal of a friend on holiday. But two pesohor seen this so they enjoy the closeness, even occasionally bermesraan and chatting as a pair of lovers.

In the 38 photos submitted, Gaston Julia Perez visible hug, look each other, and occasionally Gaston holds' the sensitive 'Julia Perez.

* Julia Perez Gaston Castano and Holidays with

Jupe itself also looks relaxed with legs up to the shoulders while the attacker Persiba this body that is still only wear bikini lying on the boat deck. In the other photo, Jupe occasionally rise in the shoulder Gaston, tease each other and hug.

At the end of the boat on the blue line of the boat-boat that one of them with sugar Dara, Julia Perez figures may look so sweet and seduce for Gaston. They both look so to enjoy their holiday. Until this photo was published, Julia Perez can not dimintai information.