Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kate Middleton will Wear Wedding Dresses by Alexander McQueen for his wedding

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Now the London Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph reported that Kate (29) have determined the choice of designers. She will wear a dress designed by Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton as he walked toward the aisle on 29 April.

"The design of the dress (a) a combination of its own idea of Miss Middleton and Mrs. Burton's bizarre interpretation of high-level fashion," reports the Telegraph, adding that she chose Sarah Burton as a fashion designer on the basis of Sarah's ability to realize the idea of Kate's dress in accordance with style low profilenya and alternative perspectives about what it is elegance.

But for this statement convincing spokesman Alexander McQueen to UsMagazine.com if it is "not true.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lily Allen Can not Leave Old-Old Twitter

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A few months ago, Lily Allen was declared the official leave of modern technology, including Twitter. But this determination was not old age because of this British-born singer had returned to fill his Twitter account is dormant for a long time.

"Hello, I'm back. Just got home from Australia. A pleasant experience. I also recently set up a new office in London. There are many events that I want to tell. Do not go anywhere x xx x," Lily writes in his Twitter account.

Around last September, according to Splash News, Lily Allen last post and wrote, "I want to learn to be the one gaptek. Good-bye." That was the last time he had written before he actually left the means of socialization in this virtual world.

Shortly after, Lily also said in an interview that he had left his BlackBerry and would really stay away from modern technology. Decisions that may sound strange in fact only four months old, now Lily Allen is back on using Twitter. We'll wait news updates from this singer.